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Our Network

This is our Official Network of Partners, of which the Consultório do Condomínio is the Customer's Provider.
Please, i you need more informations, contact us:
provedor@consultoriodocondominio.pt | 808 203 833.

Service partnership

Our services are based on the exemption and respect for the Joint Owner, constantly auditing and forming its Administration of the Condominium, with the objective of improving all services.
Any Joint Owner of our partners, can use for free this services:
> Make payments of condominium fees (Money / ATM / check / Credit Card *) and delivery of the respective receipt;
> Make payments agreements with the respective Lawyers (doesn't include the cost for the recognition / authentication of the signatures);
> Contact the Provider of the Condominium, defending his interests, mediating the dialogue with the respective Administrator.
> Make occurrences / information about breakdowns in the condominium;
*(Applied a service charge of 3%)