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Resident Administrator Support

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Resident Administrator Support

At Consultório do Condomínio®, we understand the day to day difficulties of the Resident Condominium Administrator, such as:

Change the condominium owners | neighbors;
Lack of availability for the accounting angariation of the  building;
Convene the assembly of joint owners;
Print the receipts and make payment requests;
Handle neighborhood problems;
Guarantee and safeguard their responsabilities namely the insurance (Art. 1429º C.C.);
 Manage debts to service providers, such as the elevator maintenance company;
Accompaniment of necessary and urgent works namely construction work;
Among others ..


Services Provided

Monitoring by specialists in the Management and Administration of Condos;
Insurance mediation;
Customer Provider;
Protocols with several entities (elevators, cleaning, gardening);
Presence in the assembly of joint owners;
Report and analysis of the accounts for the assembly of joint owners;
Organization of condominium accounting in an accounting software;
Printing and sending payment requests and monthly receipts;
Realizations of calling protocol of assembly of condominium;
Specific training in the area of condominium administration;
Realization of the joint owners assembly documentation (legally correct);
Use of our facilities for the purposes of meetings, payment of condominium fees, receptionist, etc .;
Increase the possibility of condominium fees payments : (Reference MB/ PayShop / MB/ Credit Card).