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Professional Administrator Support

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Professional Administrator Support

In the Consultório do Condomínio, we understand the difficulties of the day to day for Professional Administrator.:

To charge the joint-owners;
Guarantee and safeguard your responsabilities, the secure (Art. 1429º C.C.);
Budgets not adjusted to the reality of condominium expenses; 
Manage debts to service providers, for example, to the elevator maintenance company:
No constitution of the reserve fund (required);
Attendance of necessary and urgent constructions;
Ensure the growth of your own company; 
and more.

Services Provided

Attendance by specialists on management and administration of condominium; 
Insurance Mediation;
Customer Provider;
Protocols with several entities (Elevators, Cleaning, Garden, etc.);
Presence in the assembly of joint-owners;
Forwarding of clients to partner companies/agents;
Specific training in the  condominium administration area;
Use of our facilities for the purposes of meeting, payment of condominium fees, receptionists, etc;
Increase the possibility of payment of condominium fees: (MB reference / PayShop / MB / Credit Card);
 and more.